SHARE Scotland top windows
Lower windows at SHARE Scotland
SHARE Scotland digital wallpaper
SHARE Scotland side windows
SHARE Scotland entrance
Banners for SHARE Scotland

Installation & signage for SHARE Scotland
“Even the window cleaner likes it.”
Joe Whyte, Chief Executive Officer

Indigo Design designed the installation for SHARE Scotland’s new offices to celebrate their 30 years of supporting and enriching the lives of severely disabled people.

A variety of media was used: window manifestation, digital wallpaper and vinyl cut-out lettering to bring colour, reflection and play with light to the interior and exterior of the building.
The quotes and sayings of parents and carers are interwoven to convey the rich texture of memories they have experienced together.

Indigo Design has designed a variety of exhibitions for voluntary and public sector organisations which compliment their existing house style and convey general information about the organisation, very useful for giving an instant overview. Indigo Design designed vinyl roller banners for SHARE Scotland - see bottom right link – they are highly flexible and easily transportable.


Indigo Design Glasgow Graphic Design
Installation Graphics by Indigo Design for SHARE Scotland