Posters and leaflets for
Lanarkshire Health Board

Indigo Design produced a vast range of graphic material which needed to clearly communicate information about health issues to very specific sectors of the population in Lanarkshire.
This has included graphic material for teenage sexual health clinics, clinics for overweight men, booklets for drug-users, advice on looking after your baby after meningitis injections, Hepatitis C, a health promotion programme for GPs, reports on Lanarkshire's alcohol strategy and Health at Work in Lanarkshire and reports for the Lanarkshire Drug Action Team.




Indigo Design Glasgow Graphic Design
Graphic Design for Lanarkshire Health Board
Posters for Lanarkshire Health Board
Reports for Lanarkshire Health Board
Postcards for GPs
Primary Health Care Postcards by Indigo
Hepatitis C Booklets
Booklets for Drug Users