Graphic design for NHS Scotland
Health Rights Information
'Have Your Say!' material aimed at young people won the highly commended certificate in the 2009 BMA Patient Information Awards.

This Children's Leaflet on Confidentiality designed by Indigo Design won first prize in the Patient Information Award (Young People) category at the BMA (British Medical Association) Patient Information Awards 2007.
It was also awarded a Highly Commended certificate in the general patient information section of the awards ceremony.
The aim of the competition is to encourage the production and dissemination of accessible, well-designed and clinically balanced materials which will enhance patients' understanding of health.

Indigo Design had been asked to develop the brand and produce literature specifically to appeal to children after successfully designing information on health rights for the general public.

Primary Health Care Services
Primary health care services in Scotland have undergone a transformation with free eye tests on offer, medical advice for minor ailments now available at pharmacies, changes to GP services and changes to dentistry available on the NHS. Indigo was briefed to establish a brand identity for the leaflet and poster series to disseminate this information to the general public in a clear effective way.

The leaflets and posters can now be seen throughout high street pharmacies, GP surgeries, dentists' surgeries and opticians.

It's okay to ask! contains a series of useful tips and questions a patient can ask during an appointment with a doctor or nurse, allowing patients to play an active part in their care and treatment.

Indigo designed this leaflet, and its usefulness was tested in a pilot study in which 200 members of the public took part.
The findings from the pilot were extremely positive, indicating that the leaflet reassured people that it is okay to ask questions during health care consultations.




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