Annual reports
for housing associations

Housing Associations are some of Indigo Design's most valued customers, particularly because they are representing communities, and this offers a brilliant challenge to the graphic designer.

Indigo Design is passionate about using design for effective communication to support successful housing and community development in Scotland.  Indigo aims to design friendly, attractive graphic material which is easy to read and understand and which reflects the individual character of the organisation.

Annual reports represent a key opportunity for housing associations to convey detailed news about themselves to their tenants and funding bodies.

Indigo Design Glasgow Graphic Design
Housing Association Graphics
St Peter's (Saltley) Housing Association annual report
Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association Annual Reports
Indigo Design Annual Report for Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association
Indigo Design Annual Report for Thenew Housing Association
Indigo Graphics for Care and Repair Renfrewshire
Indigo Graphic for North View
Indigo Design Graphic Design for North View Housing Association
Indigo Graphic for Paisley South
Housing Association Graphics for Paisley South
Indigo Design Annual Review for Paisley South Housing Association
Indigo Graphic Design for Lanarkshire Housing Association