Music posters - opera posters
Indigo Design won the Scottish Design & Print Awards for Best Poster Design for Into the Woods, a dark musical comedy, by Stephen Sondheim produced in the style of the 1950's. The international jury for this competition was headed up by the famous Dutch graphic designer and poster expert, Anthon Beeke.

Indigo Design was to design many series of Posters for the RSAMD with accompanying leaflets and programmes.
The operas ranged from the more traditional interpretations for Mozart's Figaro to a Russian constructivist-style interpretation of the lesser known opera, The Duenna. The briefings for posters, flyers and programmes involved close consultation with the Marketing Manager, the Director and the Conductor, and needed a considerable amount of historical design research.

Indigo Design was also asked to produce seasonal themed poster series for Drama and Music, giving each its own strong visual identity. The originality, promise, enthusiasm and professionalism of the student performers is clearly communicated with these posters.

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Opera Posters for the RSAMD by Indigo Design
Indigo Posters for the RSAMD
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