Promotional material
Indigo Design has created graphics for all kinds of private clients and loves the diversity of different project types. Here are just a few examples . . .

Barr Soft Drinks wanted to raise the standards of cleanliness in their warehouse in Cumbernauld. They approached Indigo to realise their brainchild, Project Rubicon. The theme of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon was to engage their warehouse workers through that off-the-wall sense of humour that Barr is renowned for. Indigo got down to the task of creating the branding for the Project, a series of teaser posters followed by a series of gigantic posters to be displayed on the factory floor. We used humour to convey Caesar's uncompromising message of "The die is cast. This is the point of no return!"

"I think these are really striking and exactly the type of thing we want. I am really impressed with all of them".
Rob Hannah, Distribution Manager


The glass designer, Elin Isaksson, commissioned Indigo to design a set of promotional cards for exhibitions of her extraordinary glass work that she was showing in London.



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Project Rubicon Posters for A.G.Barr Soft Drinks
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