Design for public sector
Indigo Design's experience of public sector organisations is extensive - designing many flyers, brochures, leaflets and books for a broad range of organisations. These vary from universities to environmental organisations such as the Forestry Commission to the Scottish Football Association.

No Recourse No Rights
This poster was presented at the Society of Legal Scholars Conference on research on the consequences of exclusionary immigration rules and the two year rule on minority ethnic immigrant women living in Scotland who experience domestic abuse.

Book for SHARE Scotland
This book designed by Indigo Design for SHARE Scotland was launched at the Scottish Parliament to commemorate 25 years of supporting and enriching the lives of severely disabled people.

Glasgow City Council commissioned Indigo Design to produce a series of Reports on play facilities, provision for the arts and subsequently, the Visual Arts in Glasgow. This was followed by a request for a special Leaflet on grants available to visual artists.

Consumer Focus Scotland is an independent consumer policy and research organization working to represent consumer interests to policy and decision-makers. Indigo was set the task of creating a brochure to convey their policies in a vibrant and energetic way.
" Dawn's designs are fresh, individual and well thought out. It is clear that she quickly understands the messages we want to get over and how best to attract our target audience."
Consumer Focus Scotland


Indigo Design Glasgow Graphic Design
Brochures for the Public Sector by Indigo Design, Glasgow
Course flyer for Stirling University
Poster against Domestic Violence
Design for Creative Inclusions Book
Book for Share Scotland
Brochures for Glasgow City Council by Indigo Design
Indigo Graphics for Glasgow City Council
Indigo Design Graphics for Consumer Focus Scotland
Graphic Design for Consumer Foocus Scotland by Indigo Design
Graphic design for Consumer Focus Scotland
Folder for the Clyde Calders Project by Indigo Design
Folder for the Forestry Commission and Poster for the Royal Highland and Ahricultural Society of Scotland