Graphic design for Balamory
What's the story?

Indigo was taken on board in the initial planning stages to establish the branding for this programme for pre-school children. Indigo Design produced the iconic Balamory logo, the logos for each of the eight characters and the many graphics featured on the sets. The strong visual integrity of this programme make it immediately identifiable throughout the 254 episodes which were to be filmed over the next four years.

Balamory went on to win a series of prestigious awards. It sold to more than seven countries including Canada, Australia, US, Hong Kong and Ireland.

Indigo was commissioned to produce a series of marketing brochures promote the sale of the world-wide merchandising rights. This was to spawn a plethora of books, magazines, CD's, DVDs, toys and games. Balamory has sold in excess of 750,000 DVDs, over 2 million books and magazines in a year with an increase in sales of 35.9% year on year. The programme's motifs and graphics produced by Indigo Design are a constant theme throughout all these publications and give the products an instantly recognizable identity.

Balamory was awarded a Broadcast Award for the Best Children's Programme, a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Award) for Best Pre-School Live Action Programme and a Scottish BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Award) for Best Children's Programme.



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