Graphic design for Me Too!
Indigo created the graphics for this exciting live action drama for 3 to 6 year old children. It took a 22% average share of viewers when it premiered on CBeebies and BBC 2.

The production company, Tattiemoon, needed to attract funding for the filming of the programme and Indigo was asked to produce a series of marketing brochures which would capture the lively feel of the fictional city and community of Riverseafingal as seen through a child's eyes.

BBC Scotland commissioned Me Too! and the programme was to be filmed in five different UK cities. Indigo helped to create the distinctive identity of the hyper-real city of Riverseafingal and give it a strong sense of place in a way which would appeal to young children. Logos for the entire transport system were developed by Indigo and used to conceal existing features on trains, trams, buses, taxis, and ferries.

Indigo was asked to develop more logos and signage for locations such as the City Council, the children's hospital, the market, stalls at the market, local shops and businesses.

Indigo also designed graphics for the sets including Tina's theatrical dressing room which featured a set of enormous posters with Tina starring in her various roles.

The Me Too! website received a staggering 2 million hits in the first 6 days of going live!



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